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The Weirdest Things People Have Seen at Airport Security

TSA Pre-Check

The weirdest things that most people have had to deal with while passing through an airport’s security checkpoints are the token “take off your shoes” and “let the creepy TSA officer stare at you with the X-ray machine” experiences. On the other hand, many other travelers arrive for their flight at just the right time and terminal to deal with the weirder side of airport security:

But even he couldn’t stomach airline food.

“As I started unloading into the trays,” Richard Garand wrote “the man just in front of the metal detector started explaining to the security agents what he had in a large case. He opened it up, took out a sword that looked very real, and proceeded to put it all the way down his throat.”

“After he took it out, everyone around applauded and asked for an encore. So he did it again. The security agents seemed to be satisfied with this (I believe the sword was plastic) and he went through.”

Is that a ferret in your pocket, or…?

“About 3 or 4 years ago as I was going through security in Newark on my way to catch a connecting flight,” Yuval Ariav said. “The guy behind me tried to sneak a ferret on board the airplane. He put the animal in his jacket pocket, and then put the jacket through the machine for inspection.”

“The TSA team was not impressed. The guy was a bit pissed off because they mistook his ferret for a weasel.”

“I took my stuff and casually walked away.”

I find your lack of common sense disturbing.

Matt Lerner has a bizarre airport security story that is out of this world:

“God as my witness, this happened at airport security in Zurich to my friend Colvin and me this afternoon. We'd just come through the metal detector, and the airport security lady pointed to a bin on the conveyor belt and asked ‘What are these?’"

Colvin responded, "A Darth Vader mask and a toy lightsaber."

She pointed to the red plastic lightsaber and said, "You can't bring this on the plane.” "Why not? It's just a toy,” he asked.

She went on to explain her reasoning: "I know it's a toy, but it looks just like the real thing." I said, "There is no 'real thing' -- a lightsaber is an imaginary weapon from a movie."

"I'm sorry, it looks like a weapon. I can't let you take it on the plane."

No thanks, I’ve already eaten.

Gary Duncan, a web developer, shared a funny little story that happened at Gatwick airport’s security area:

“Security officers were asking passengers to remove any laptops, iPads, Kindles, etc. from their hand luggage, while repeatedly shouting in their London accents.”