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Unite the Right and Antifa Have More in Common Than You Think

Far left agitators fight with far-right extremists in Charlottesville

By now a good portion of our country is aware that the white supremacist group "Unite the Right" and the radical leftist group "Antifa" are gearing up for yet another protest/showdown this weekend in Washington, D.C. — in Lafayette Square (directly in front of the White House) and in Freedom Plaza (to the east of the White House). I am sure that many people see these two groups as holding views completely at odds with each each other, but I think they are more like two peas in a pod, holding several key extremist views in common.

Here's where they agree:

1. Both Unite the Right and Antifa are racist.

Unite the Right, of course, is a mixture of such white supremacist groups as the neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen, and other groups who may not align themselves perfectly with the Nazis or the Klan, but still share their views of white supremacy (often called "alt-right"). The overt racism of the Nazis, Klansmen, and their sympathizers — as well as their evil deeds of mass murder and political oppression — is well known in history and needs no further documentation.

The racism of Antifa and their sympathizers is equally overt, but not as well advertised in the media (big surprise). Antifa, of course, is composed of professing communists, anarchists, "social justice warriors," and just about anyone else who identifies as a leftist. The Left believes that it is perfectly fine to single out white people and hate them, because they are supposedly the cause of all that is evil in this world (racism, slavery, sexism, poverty, homophobia, islamophobia, name-a-phobia). For example, at the University of California-Berkley, white people (and some Asians) were singled out for discrimination, and that was just fine with the Left.

The leftist tech writer Sarah Jeong is the latest example of how leftists use their own racism (in this case, hatred of white people) to "fight racism." Supposedly, the New York Times has disciplined her, and she won't spew out such hatred again. We'll see.

What do we make of such articles as these by Ekow Yankah, a law professor at Yeshiva University's Cardozo School of Law ("Can My Children Be Friends With White People?"), and Michael Harriot ("White People are Cowards")?

These articles are not just "one-offs." These are mainstream thoughts taken seriously and digested in whole by the Left and their violent doppelgangers in Antifa: White people are to be blamed for everything that is wrong in the world. This is just as insane as saying that black people are to be blamed for all of society's ills — but among the Left, racism is only one way.

"People of color" are immune from being racists because they have never had the power to oppress others, they say. Really? Tell that to the Japanese Imperial Army in World War II. Tell that to the black Africans and the Native Americans who enslaved and oppressed one another for centuries long before the Europeans showed up. Here is Ben Shapiro soundly dismantling the politically correct notion of "white privilege:"