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U.S. Men's Curling Team Wins Olympic Gold, But There's Something Wrong With Their Medals...

Team USA men's curling celebrates gold medal win, with women's medals...

On Saturday morning, the U.S. men's curling team took the Olympic gold for the first time in history. Even though they won with the world watching — and both first daughter Ivanka Trump and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in attendance — their victory was soured by a hilarious error on behalf of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Shortly after receiving their gold medals, the curling team did a double take.

"The US men's curling team just realized the gold medals they were awarded moments ago say 'women's curling gold medal' on them. Their coaches are working on it," ESPN's senior writer Alyssa Roenigk tweeted.

Even so, nothing could dampen the spirits of these historic victors. They laughed as they spoke with NBC photojournalist Kenny Holmes. "LOL! Team USA curling laughs as they tell me they were given the Women’s Gold Medals! They are happy to wait for the swap," Holmes tweeted.

One Twitter user joked about the Olympic tradition of biting into gold medals, to ensure their quality. "I hope the guys didn't bite into those Gold medals too hard before the exchange. I'm sure the women who win the Gold medals won't be too appreciative of the guys' teeth marks or saliva on their medals!" Peter Bradfield tweeted. "Congratulations to the U.S. curling team!"

The men's team did eventually get their proper medals, and whichever women's team wins the gold will not be cheated from theirs.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders also tweeted congratulations to the men's curling team.

She and first daughter Ivanka Trump took a selfie cheering on the men's curling team, to capture the historic moment.