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Trump 'MAGAband' Looking for a 'Few Good Patriots' to Round out Sound

I was perusing the Craigslist Musicians Wanted ads looking for open mic opportunities for a vocalist friend when I stumbled upon an ad placed by a singer-guitarist looking to round up some talent for his Trump-inspired MAGA band.

The gentleman, who responds to comments on his YouTube posts as “Billy and the Cool Whips,” is looking for “a few good patriots.” The band will be named '55MAGAton.

I would respectfully submit that Billy is also going to need a few good security guards if he finds a complement of musically inclined Trumpservatives and takes this show on the road. We’re talking Portland, Ore., and leftist activists will not be receptive to this brand of entertainment. I see the potential for some very dicey Patriot Prayer/Antifa confrontations if Billy’s homage act starts playing the circuit. I would counsel him to round up a couple of his biggest, most sadistically inclined tavern buddies and station them stage left and right at '55MAGAton’s debut concert, just to be sure.

And at every concert thereafter, unless he somehow hits it big and ends up opening for The Oak Ridge Boys at Branson. Branson has good security.

PJM reached out to Billy—it turns out Billy Cool is his stage name and he’s cool with the designation—and asked about his musical background. “I’ve been playing music since I was a kid, the whole high school music thing,” he said. “I was a percussionist in marching band, orchestra, etc. Learned guitar, kept at it, played with some hippies, and later went into the cover band scene to make a buck.”

Credit due, Billy seems to understand the inherent perils of his rock and roll brainchild. He starts his ad saying, “Let me start out by saying, I’m not even sure I want to do this.” That’s quite different from the usual Musicians Wanted ads, which often include verbiage like “Shredding death metal band looking for killer bassist. Influences: Immortal, Behemoth, William Shatner” or “Finnish folk band needs mandolin player, must love dogs and be able to read music.”

Billy elaborated on his mixed feelings about the dangers he may face if his plans to form a MAGA band come to fruition. “The obvious potential hazard is the radical left," he said. "The response I have received is predictable: lots of support from patriots, plenty of hate from the entitlement crowd. It’s a shame that the current political climate essentially limits free speech.”

“Playing live just seems like a problem waiting to happen,” he lamented. “Everything you hear so far was written and recorded by me in my basement.”

So, how good is '55MAGAton’s one-man iteration? There are two songs linked to in the ad: “God is a Gun” and “Trump Train.” Long story short, the songs and the musicianship are pretty good. Billy can play and sing. I would describe the music as straightforward, heavy-ish rock and roll, with a southern rock flavor. If Billy is looking to expand his list of original Trump-inspired songs, may I suggest “Sweet Home Mar-A-Lago?”