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'Tomb Raider' Lara Croft Missing 'Iconically Big T*ts,' Critics Complain

Intense pretty actress dirty and muscled with the words "Tomb Raider" behind her

As "Tomb Raider" opens in theaters this weekend, fans of the video games and the 2001 film featuring Angelina Jolie have expressed displeasure at the much more normal and realistic size of Alicia Vikander's breasts. One particular YouTube artist, T.J. Kirk, has incurred widespread wrath for stating his dissatisfaction. His remarks proved quite vulgar.

"Do I have to be the a**hole who says her t*ts are too small for me to see her as Lara Croft? Do I have to be that guy? Do I have to be the one who f**king says it? I guess I do. Sorry," Kirk, who goes by "Amazing Atheist Guy" on Twitter, tweeted.

He received a quick and very negative response. The message, "you also have the option to not be trash," received 25K "likes."

Kirk went on to flesh out his complaints in a vulgar YouTube video. "Today, I would like to talk about the size of Lara Croft's t*ts," he began. "I vocally want to see a character with iconically big t*ts have big t*ts."

The YouTuber admitted that "in recent games, Lara has undergone a breast reduction." He insisted that, from early on, "Lara Croft was depicted as ridiculously buxom in an obvious effort to appeal to the male gaze." (The video is below. Warning: It is extremely vulgar.)

Kirk was not alone in lamenting Vikander's physique. “The new tomb raider girl doesn’t really have the b**bs to be Lara Croft," one critic of the casting choice tweeted.

"Alicia vikander is stunning but as a Lara Croft character you need a bigger b**bs," another user tweeted.

Even so, the backlash against Kirk proved much larger than any support he received.

"The people talking about Alicia’s b**bs being too small.... well, their opinions do not matter and neither do they, because this movie is not for them. It’s for us," a self-described Laura Croft cosplayer tweeted.