“We're all very, very excited to be raising a baby together," the expectant mother told the Daily Star. The biological sperm donor replied, "It's definitely a little interesting," which sounds exactly the opposite of "very excited," but it's not likely this woman, who rotates four guys (who don't see sunlight very often) in and out of her bed would let him express any natural male feelings of jealousy.

I know what you're thinking. "How on earth did that group of weak chins, neckbeards, beer guts, and spaghetti arms impregnate anyone? We can see the low T in HD!" Good point, dear reader. I am equally confused.

“Most of my friends know all my partners and they love us and think that we're cute and such," the pregnant polyamorous person said. Somehow, I don't think the word "cute" has ever been used to describe this union.

“My family is kind of quiet about their disapproval. Polyamory is definitely an uncommon thing," she continued.

Maybe if families would stop being quiet about this kind of debauchery and degeneracy, and get loud and angry about it, their idiot children wouldn't feel unashamed to go to the press about their disastrous life decisions that led them to bring a child into a world of chaos and confusion and potential abuse. For more information than you ever want to know about polyamorous families and the increased risks of child abuse, read Moira Greyland's autobiography The Last ClosetThis is not a lifestyle that can bring anything but pain and anguish to children, and media outlets pushing stories like this as if they are normal and decent should be run out of business.

For the love of all that is good and wholesome in the world, can we please bring some shame back? Shame is a good and natural human emotion that stops people from acting out impulses that should be curtailed. Not everything you want to do is acceptable or good for society or children. Stop it! Get some help.