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Is It Time to Pull Your Child Out of Public School? 5 Problems With the Schools to Consider

Crumbling classroom in abandoned school building

On April 23rd of this year, parents across America staged a "walkout" (taking their kids out of schools) to protest the sexually explicit and perverse instructions by Planned Parenthood that are being taught in their schools. PJ Media has previously reported exactly how the Planned Parenthood curriculum uses pornography to teach sexual deviancy.

Is this the kind of education you want for your kids in elementary school, middle school, or high school? If not, then maybe you should consider having a protest at your school. It might help. Or it might not. My hunch is that the educrats in charge of your public schools by and large will not care. The educrats in charge might remove a thing or two today, but they will bide their time  and eventually sneak in more destruction later -- when parents are not looking.

(This article is not a cut against the many dedicated and courageous teachers who slug it out day after day in the public schools. They are missionaries, trying to be lights in a very tough environment. I am simply asking if parents should continue to keep their kids in environments that are increasingly harmful to their moral, physical, and academic wellbeing.)

Instead of just walking out of your traditional neighborhood public school for a day, why not pull out your kids permanently? Parents should consider the following list of disturbing trends and reconsider their child's education in the public schools. (I also have a few alternatives to the traditional public school at the end of the article.)

1. LGBTQ propaganda.

As I stated in a previous PJ Media article, California mandates that all public school students from kindergarten to the twelfth grade learn a special kind of history. It's not enough to learn about the Egyptians or the Greeks or World War II (if such things are still taught), but kids as young as kindergarten are to be taught the joys of the LGBTQ community and their contributions to society. Illinois is now considering such a bill.

Is there some hue and cry among American parents that their kids are NOT being taught enough about homosexuality? LGBTQ activists are quite upfront about their need to indoctrinate your children as early as possible in order to recruit them and get them to accept their lifestyle as normal. Is this the kind of education you want for your six-year-old?

Is discussing the merits of famous drag queens or transgenders the kind of instruction you want for your fifth grader? In California, and in the Illinois bill, there is NO "opting out" for parents who object to this agenda being forced on their children. Don't think for a second that this can't happen in your state.