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The Ten Most Obese Nations on Earth

Two years ago, I took a trip to Rome, Italy. Besides enjoying all the wonderful historical sites, the amazing art, the incredible food, and the wonderfully friendly people, after a while I was struck by the fact that I noticed hardly anyone was obese. Sure, there were a few older people (like me) who were carrying around a few spare pounds ... but my wife and I remarked how we just did not see the kind of obesity we see on a daily basis here in America.

Was it because the Italians ate food that was fresh and in season? Was it because they had to walk so much more than we did? I was left with the impression that not only Italy but probably the rest of Europe was in so much better shape than America when it comes to excess pounds.

Well that's what you get for drawing conclusions from one week in only one city in only one country. I was wrong — on all counts! There is an obesity problem in Europe too, and some of their nations are catching up to America (sadly).

But I was also completely wrong in assuming that America is the most obese nation on earth. Of all the nations, the United States is not even in the top ten of the most obese! We're number 19! (Hooray?)

Here are the ten most obese countries in the world, from least to most. You probably haven't heard of most of them...

10. Tuvalu: 40.3 percent.

9. Kiribati: 40.6 percent.

8. Qatar: 42.3 percent.

7. Marshall Islands: 42.8 percent.

6. Niue: 43.2 percent.