The Best Packaged Food from the 1980s

When it comes to food, the buzz words today are generally in the vicinity of "natural," "fresh," and "organic." This movement towards real, rather than processed, food is a good thing. Foods that aren't processed and that aren't loaded with pesticides and preservatives are what we should be eating.

But ... sometimes pre-packaged, sodium-laden, processed foods are kind of good. No, they're not good for us, but they're just straight-up yummy. Here's a throwback to some of our favorite foods that couldn't be beat in the '80s. Which ones do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) still eat when you can?

1. Hunt's Manwich.

Sloppy Joe's were arguably the most fun we could have as far as dinners went in our house. We always ate them on regular hamburger buns, which means that the bottoms got soggy within seconds of spooning out the meat mixture. And when we took a bite, it all just fell out the sides, burning the sides of our mouths as it did.

2. Lunchables.

I think my parents actually thought they were sending me to school with a hardy lunch when they packed my bag with Lunchables. It was so processed, but I fully appreciated it when the company added chocolate pudding as the dessert in the package. All of my friends were so jealous.

3. Hungry-Man.

The best was obviously the fried chicken dinner. It came with mashed potatoes, corn, and that beautiful brownie that looked nothing like the package. Okay, maybe "beautiful" isn't quite right, but it was definitely yummy. My only regret was under-cooking the meal and getting a mouthful of cold, gritty potatoes, or over-cooking it and getting a rubbery, puck-like brownie.

4. SpaghettiOs.