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The 6 Best Movies of 2018

The Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations have already been announced, and now we await the announcement of the Academy Award nominations on January 22 of this year. There were some incredible movies that were released in 2018 (and some others that probably should have stayed in the can). While the winners of the Golden Globes are generally a good indicator of who might win some Oscars, we're going to make some predictions as to who will come out on top this awards season. You can catch the Golden Globes ceremony this Sunday, January 6th on NBC.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody

Despite the fact that some critics have complained that the details in this film aren't completely factual (but seriously, what biographic movie doesn't embellish at least a little for entertainment purposes?), the movie as a whole is quite incredible. The performances of Queen's band members, especially that of Rami Malek, are chilling. Malek himself is said to have embodied Freddie Mercury for his role. Beyond all of that, the film is a boatload of fun to watch. If the Academy likes anything, it's a movie that everyone is excited to sing along with.

5. Can You Ever Forgive Me?

This isn't necessarily a favorite to win, but it's a stronger contender than most might think. Here we have comedic actress Melissa McCarthy taking on a serious role, and doing it really well. This is a feat that most people cannot pull off. McCarthy plays a washed up (yet talented) biographer who begins forging letters from dead writers. She is joined by heavy-hitter Richard Grant, and they're simply a joy to watch.

4. Crazy Rich Asians

It's not too often that a romantic comedy makes it to the list of best films of the year, but Crazy Rich Asians is absolutely an exception. The story is tons of fun and very sweet, but the movie itself is thrilling to watch because it's just so beautiful. Furthermore, we have a cast that is made up almost exclusively of Asians and Asian-Americans. They don't play stereotypical roles, like doctors, but regular people (who happen to be, you know, crazy rich) who deal with common, yet touching, themes like love, parenting, and loyalty.