The 5 Worst Things about Being a Genius

Being intelligent beats being stupid. Probably. I mean, if you're really stupid, do you even know what you're missing? In any case, everyone thinks having a high IQ is great -- that it's all being ahead of the curve, solving mathematical equations and Einsteining it up and sh*t (I don't even know what that means, but it sounds cool, right?). Although there are definitely some big advantages to having a genius-level IQ, it's not all winning trivia night at the local bar and fixing the warp drive on the Starship Enterprise in five minutes because of something you learned in a Klingon math course.

1. You Can Come Off as a Huge @sshole

If you want a lot of people to hate you, STAND OUT in some way that makes them feel inadequate. Be extremely good looking, extremely successful, extremely famous or extremely intelligent and a certain percentage of people who don't feel like they measure up will HATE YOUR GUTS. This is doubly true for intelligence because nobody ever really seems to think that he’s dumb. You can have 60 IQ points on someone and he still believes he knows more than you do about any subject. Also, nobody wants to be out-argued or proven wrong, which geniuses can usually do. On top of that, nobody likes a “know-it-all.” But, what if you really do know it all compared to most people? They’re going to think you’re an @sshole. So, geniuses learn to dumb it down a lot to try to fit in, which isn’t a lot of fun, but is still better than being thought of as an @sshole.

2. Dating Is a Nightmare

If you’re a genius, you can suck it up for a date or two with a partner who’s not that intelligent, but there is not enough hot on the planet to make up for dumb. This is the one area where geniuses tend to really envy people with average IQs. If your IQ is average, you have an enormous selection of potential mates who won’t bore you to death. If you have a genius-level IQ, you’re smarter than 99 percent of the population and your chances of dying alone just shot into the stratosphere. Not only are highly intelligent people less likely to rush into an expensive, life-altering proposition like childbirth, it’s harder for them to find someone to have that child with in the first place because it’s so hard to find someone who can keep them intellectually stimulated.