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Sportscaster Seth Everett: Cubs' Daniel Murphy 'Sucks & He's a Homophobe'

During the National League wildcard game on Tuesday night, sportscaster Seth Everett tweeted, "Daniel Murphy sucks … & he's a homophobe." Everett deleted the tweet, but there's little doubt he still holds to the offensive tweet's sentiment.

With just under 16K followers on Twitter, Seth Everett is, according to his bio at Forbes, "a 24 year National Sports Broadcaster currently heard on iHeartMedia, NBC Sports Radio, Westwood One (Olympics coverage), & Entercom." He claims to be a "media veteran that has been seen & heard on ESPN, Sirius/XM, Bloomberg TV, FOX Sports covering 2 Super Bowls, 12 World Series, 2 NBA Finals, & 2 Stanley Cup Finals. Also covered local teams such as the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, & more."

Prior to his tweet having been brought to my attention, I was unaware of Seth Everett. Based on his bio, he is a run-of-the-mill sportswriter/talking head. Based on his tweet, his view of Daniel Murphy is the run-of-the-mill leftist position of intolerance toward those who disagree with them on certain issues.

Everett is simply following the instructions John Rawls gave in his landmark book, A Theory of Justice. In chapter IV, titled "Equal Liberty," Rawls explains that "while an intolerant sect does not itself have title to complain of intolerance, its freedom should be restricted only when the tolerant sincerely and with reason believe that their own security and that of the institutions of liberty are in danger. The tolerant should curb the intolerant only in this case."