SJW Comics Writer Fired after Turning G.I. Joe Character into an Overweight Lesbian

Comicsgate continues to rage after IDW comic book writer Aubrey Sitterson lost his job because he turned G.I. Joe into a leftist fantasy, full of gay identity politics. Sitterson reimagined the beloved male character Salvo as an overweight lesbian. Here's what Salvo looked like before Sitterson monkeyed with him.

(Image via YouTube)

Here's what Salvo looked like after Sitterson gave him the full SJW treatment:

(Image via YouTube)

Is that a receding hairline? (Image via YouTube)

Sitterson claims he made Salvo a fat woman because the original was too "alt-right" for his sensibilities.

"Also, being entirely honest, as great as the design is, in 2017, a big, heavily muscled white guy with a shaved head, massive guns and a t-shirt that reads THE RIGHT OF MIGHT gives off a vibe that reads way too alt-right for me," Sitterson virtue signaled on Twitter. Swapping out a fit soldier for an obese POC (person of color) was exactly the salve for Sitterson's angst about the perceived "alt-right" influence on a classic comic (drawn before alt-right was a thing). However, Sitterson was about the only one happy with this change. Comics fans everywhere boycotted G.I. Joe and let IDW Comics know that they would not be buying any more until Sitterson was fired.

Diversity & Comics founder Richard Meyer led one such protest on his YouTube channel, where he reviews comics and decries the SJW overtake of the industry. PJ Media reached out to Meyer to get his reaction to the firing of Sitterson.

"My hope was to get Sitterson fired and for IDW to stop peddling SJW politics," explained Meyer. "I'm happy with how he was removed."

When asked what the final straw was that caused the blowback, Meyer fingered Salvo, saying he "was the touchstone." He added, "The obesity was the biggest factor. It's ridiculous." Indeed, portraying American soldiers as fat, slovenly women is not only ridiculous but insulting to the military.