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Six Martial Arts Moves That Will Get You Killed

flying kick in taekwondo outfits.

If you find yourself in a fight for your life, don't do the following techniques or tactics. They will more than likely get you killed. Besides drawing on my own training, for this article I have interviewed experts in both traditional and non-traditional martial arts (taekwondo, jiu jitsu, various forms of Okinawan karate, Marine Corps Martial Arts, and police defensive tactics).

Many techniques are just fine for tournaments or a confrontation where there are rules, and they look impressive in choreographed movie scenes. But if you are in a real snot-slinging fight for your very life, don't use these six martial arts moves or you may very well end up dead.

1. Going to the ground.

Grappling is great, and to be a "well-rounded martial artist" you need to know how to grapple on the ground and get someone in a choke or joint lock. I have all kinds of respect for those who excel in the grappling arts (jiu jitsu, judo, wrestling). However, in a fight for your life where there are NO rules, you want to end the fight quickly — and that involves striking from the standing position. The fight may go to the ground, and you need to know ground fighting, but that is not where you want to be.

Grappling on the ground involves major body entanglement, and during the time you are trying to get him (or her) in that arm bar or triangle choke, you are very vulnerable. What if your attacker has a knife on him? Remember that his friends can get involved and start stomping on your head (I know of instances where this has happened). The street itself is dangerous — broken glass, rocks, passing cars. You could grapple right into the path of an oncoming car or motorcycle.

The ground is not where you want to be. End the fight quickly with strikes to vital areas (throat, eyes, side of the neck, nose, jaw, solar plexus, groin) while standing.

Combatives expert Nick Drossos demonstrates five effective strikes to end a fight quickly: