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Seven 'Great' Marxist Leaders Young Socialists Need to Know

The past several years have taught me that, sadly, socialism (especially its most virulent kind — Marxism) is alive and well on college campuses, in the media, in American government, and even among the rank and file of American citizens. Do these followers of socialism, sometimes waving red flags and wearing "Che" Guevara t-shirts, not know the truth about Marxist leaders over the past 100 years?

Apparently not. In our day, I often come across people who do not know the difference between John Lennon and Vladimir Lenin, or Karl Marx and Groucho Marx. So, since our school systems are doing a rather abysmal job educating people about the truth of Marxism, I thought I would write a brief article highlighting the "careers" and "high points" of some of the world's most notorious Marxist socialists.

1. Karl Marx (1818-1883).

Well, we should start with the founder, shouldn't we? Karl Marx did not create concentration camps, the secret police, or the ministry of propaganda, but his philosophy certainly enabled future generations to carry out the machinery of an all-powerful state.

But what kind of a guy was Karl? History tells us that for all his blow-hard philosophizing about the poor downtrodden proletariat, he never actually met or had a conversation with a single one of them. He was rarely employed, and mooched off his parents, in-laws, and friends who had real jobs for almost his entire life. What a big surprise from the father of a major brand of socialism.

He never invented a single product, never went into business for himself, and the only employee he had was his maid. Oh yeah, his maid, Helen Demuth ... the same one he had an adulteress affair with. She bore him his son Freddy, but when the child grew older, he was banished from the home and was not allowed to come visit unless Karl was out of the house.

And what did Karl pay his proletariat sex slave? Not a single penny. What a great guy. You can read more about this gem of a human being here.

2. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (1870-1924).

He is also affectionately known as "Lenin" to all his admirers. Lenin, of course, was the leader of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The Russian people had plenty of legitimate gripes against Czar Nicholas II, but it seems to me that they merely exchanged one form of oppression for a decidedly worse one with Lenin in charge.

Today we have such terms as "gulags" and "the KGB" as synonyms for totalitarian oppression. You can thank none other than Lenin for bringing these things to the world.