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SCOTTeVest Inventor: I Advertise on Fox News Because Viewers Are 'Incredibly Gullible' 'F***ing Idiots'

Scott Jordon, founder and CEO of SCOTTeVEST, a clothing line that can hold many electronic devices at once, got caught making dumb statements on Facebook.

Whenever he asks people where they heard of him, "invariably people say FOXNews," Jordan said. "I laugh to myself, and tell them that we primarily advertise on Fox because we find their viewership to be extremely gullible and much easier to sell than other networks." he continued. "The look on their face at that time is priceless. I am not kidding you. I get to tell them they are f***ing idiots while getting rich off them,"

What happened next was pretty hilarious. His company came out decrying his statement as "offensive" and "inexcusable" and Johnson apologized many times. 

But what really got to me in this story was the product itself. Have you seen this thing? I want it. I don't care if Che Guevara invented it, I'd buy it. This thing could change my life. If that makes me gullible and an idiot, at least I'll have free hands.

Is it possible that this is a marketing ploy to sell this thing to the biggest audience in America that doesn't get offended at everything? If conservatives stopped buying things from people who don't like us very much we'd have nothing left to buy. No movies, no TV shows, no clothes, no makeup, no perfume... the list is endless. And while I wouldn't support someone who openly advocates for the extermination of people (like Planned Parenthood does), some guy's inarticulate thoughts about what he thinks about Fox News viewers really doesn't top the list of things anyone should get upset about.