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Replica of 'Mona Lisa' Sets New Guinness Record

We're all probably aware of some of the strange things that have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. There is the record for the longest fingernails (28 feet, 4.5 inches), the world's longest kiss (58 hours, 35 minutes, 58 seconds), and the largest prenatal yoga class (1,546 pregnant participants). But a new one is floating around that is arguably the strangest of them all: the largest rice cracker mosaic.

Someone recreated Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" using rice crackers. The final product is simultaneously impressive and bizarre. DaVinci would be utterly confused.

According to Guinness World Records, it took 200 people and 23,360 rice crackers to piece together the masterpiece, which covered an area of 116.02 square metres in Soka, Japan. "Rice crackers are Soka city's local speciality and are known for their slightly hard-biting and irresistible crunchiness. Sokasenbei Promotion Council decided to use them in a creative way to promote their crackers as well as the region that makes them." The mosaic included 7 different flavors/colors of crackers, which were provided by 12 different producers of the snack food.

Guinness requires that the food from all food-related records be distributed once the record has been set. In accordance with that, the crackers were given to the participants as well as children around Soka following the exciting record-setting moment.