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R&B Singer Ginuwine Refused to Kiss a Transgender on Live TV and the Left Is Losing Its Mind

Let me ask you a question. Picture a woman talking with a man on a reality television show. "Would you date me?" she asks.

"Not if you're a woman," he replies, trying to make his preferences known.

Then, in response, she tries to kiss the man. The advance is rejected, leading to the woman storming off.

Would anyone object to that? Probably not. A gay man facing something like this, it seems, would receive public support. But if a man did that to a woman, she'd be tweeting it with a #MeToo hashtag at the end.

Too bad R&B singer Ginuwine isn't getting the same consideration.

You see, this exact scenario happened to him on the UK version of the TV show "Big Brother." The only difference was that the woman was a transgender and Ginuwine has no interest in trans women.

Now, he's facing an onslaught of accusations of transphobia, all because he refused to kiss transgender celebrity (in the UK, at least) India Willoughby. This was after he explicitly stated he wouldn't date a trans woman. He was, in essence, Harvey Weinsteined, and yet, he's the bad guy?

Some are making a big deal over him stating he wouldn't date a trans woman. But let me ask those people this: Do people have a right to be attracted to whomever they find themselves attracted to?

Is it OK for a woman to be attracted to muscular men?

Is it fine for gay men to prefer masculine partners?

Is it acceptable for straight men to prefer larger women as partners?

If the answer to any of those questions is "yes" and you think Ginuwine is wrong for not wanting to date trans women, then you're a raging hypocrite. Congratulations.

What happened here is that there's something about her that turns him off. That isn't unusual. Everyone has criteria they use to both identify potential partners and rule other others for that role. This is perfectly normal and, generally, acceptable. It's something built into us as humans.

Yet this is the left today. It's not enough that Ginuwine can sit and talk with a trans woman as a normal human being, an equal. No, that's not sufficient. Not by a long shot.

For some time now, LGBT activists have been trying to push people to accept transsexuals as "normal." Well, I hate to break it to them: this is what normality looks like. Some people will be attracted to transsexuals, some will be turned off by them, and others just won't care. It's no different than any other aspect of a person.

If Ginuwine or anyone else says they're not attracted to transgendered women, that needs to be the end of it. If you want acceptance, you have to be willing to give it. It's a two-way street, after all, and if a man is not attracted to any particular breed of female, even if it is someone born as a man, so much the better.