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Progressive Leaders Point to California as Model for Winning the New American Civil War

Los Angeles spreading electricity to the rest of America

Progressive speakers and political scientists Peter Leyden and Ruy Teixeira together have recently written an article entitled "The Great Lesson of California in America's New Civil War." I say these two gentlemen are progressive leaders, because even if theirs are not household names, their progressive pedigrees show that they are hip deep in the upper echelons of that ideology's leadership. Leyden is involved in the New Politics Institute and Teixeira is a senior fellow at John Podesta's Center for American Progress.

What these two men are saying about their worldview and all opinions different to theirs is quite unnerving. They are clearly saying that there is now no more room for debate, compromise, or "reaching across the aisle" to find consensus with those who differ from their progressive ideas on matters of culture, climate change, or economics.

We are in a new American civil war, and our only option moving forward is to follow the lead of California as the Democrat Party surged to prominence and all but eradicated the Republican Party from political relevance in that state. California is the model for America to vanquish ideological foes and to bring in a new era of peace and prosperity. Yep, that is what this article is saying, I kid you not. Read it for yourself.

Or you can watch this TED talk with Peter Leyden himself saying much the same thing as his article. California today is the beginning of a wonderful new revolution, he says. (And it's progressing because those nasty Republicans have become neutralized.)

Please note at the 13:22 mark that he tells us the new revolution is clearly seen in three worldwide shifts: the digital revolution, planetary organization on a planetary scale (isn't that sort of redundant?), and energy transformation on a sustainable level. California is the model for all of this progress? Yes, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Ebay, and a host of other tech giants find their homes in California.

However, California is also host to crushing debt of their own making. You can't blame their $400 billion debt on the idiots in Washington, D.C., not entirely. Their own geniuses in government over the past 20 years have put them in that hole (with little hope of them ever crawling out). And of course their liability for state pensions is at $1 Trillion dollars now, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

What a great state to emulate when it comes to economics! Let's also emulate Detroit when it comes to urban planning, or Washington, D.C. when it comes to managing health care! Just for fun, check out California's debt clock (makes the geniuses in D.C. jealous, I'm sure).