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Nintendo Fans Freak Out as Luigi Appears to Be Dead

A lot of people who spent an inordinate amount of time giving their thumbs a workout in front of their Nintendo Entertainment Systems circa 1986 had quite the scare recently.

The gaming giant just released Smash Bros., which apparently shows our beloved Luigi (ok, less loved than Mario, but still very loved) being killed and having his ghost look over his own dead corpse. Hmmm.

Fans of Nintendo took to Twitter to express their outrage and dismay, and reactions were exactly what you would expect after such jarring news.

First, we are reminded of what has happened already...

We can't bear to think that the unthinkable has really happened. But yes, it must have, since someone in corporate definitely had to approve it.

Maybe Mario is a bit dense...

[Shakes fist toward the sky]

Lest we forget.

But just as the Luigi-loving internet was on the brink of losing its mind, the powers that be stepped in and made everything alright again. Yes, the official account, @NintendoUKVS, put everyone at ease:

We love it when they do that, too.

And then we could all breathe again.

Except, some people just didn't buy it. He does look pretty done...