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Meryl Streep Admits She Reads Drudge, Watches Fox News

In an interview to promote her new movie, "The Post," Hollywood legend Meryl Streep discussed her media habits and admitted she reads Drudge and Fox News, along with The New York Times.

Streep, along with director Steven Spielberg and several of the film's collaborators, discussed the new movie that tells the story of the Pentagon Papers through the eyes of Washington Post reporter Katharine Graham. Never shy about her left-leaning politics, Streep discussed a wide variety of topics with The Hollywood Reporter, including the recent spate of sexual harassment claims ("We are on the way to something better") and her media viewing habits. Asked if she trusts the media today, Streep answered, "Broadly? All of it? No." (No thinking person would disagree with her on that.)

Spielberg jumped in: "I'm not going to go on record saying which media I trust." (Don't worry, Steven, we know.) He added, "I'm just saying, obviously, there is media that you would imagine I would not trust. Obviously, there is media you would take for granted I trust, and you would be right." (Hint: It's not Fox News.)

"You trust but verify," Streep added, "we get betrayed." She recalled a time she had been burned by the media. "It involves people who are not at the table," she said, declining to reveal the specifics.

But then she revealed some surprising facts about her rather eclectic media viewing habits. "In my political reading, I read The New York TimesThe Washington Post and The Guardian. I check in on Politico, Axios and Drudge." She also goes to Fox often,  "to see the manipulation."