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Meme Alert: Japanese 'Have No Idea' About PyeongChang 'Penis Men' at the Olympics

PyeongChang Bullet Men statues with penises censored

Three — very explicit — naked statues of men with their faces covered have inspired a meme among Japanese observers of the Olympics. The statues, named "Bullet Men," predate the Olympics.

Near the ski jump area and the Olympic media center in PyeongChang, South Korea, stand the three silver men. Not only are their nether regions fully exposed, but their helmets — the only clothing they wear — look phallic, leading many to dub them "penis men." Japanese tweeters have shared the image with the hashtag "#モルゲッソヨ," which translates to "I have no idea."

According to local media, the statues are meant to evoke the “human desire for [a] wonderful body, wealth, and honor in concrete images.”

Warning: the images below are explicit. Click "Load More" to see what's driving Japanese tweeters crazy, and the hilarious memes they made of it.