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Megyn Kelly Shreds Hollywood Hypocrites in Epic Fashion

Megyn Kelly's career is on the ropes.

Once a celebrated star in the Fox News galaxy, Kelly's fortunes faded following her switch to NBC. The ratings for her show, "Megyn Kelly Today," have been disastrous. And getting worse. Critics have piled on continuously since the show's debut. Even a lighter moment, like her dancing with fellow NBC star Hoda Kotb, earned withering responses.

The Peacock Network is clearly regretting signing her to a staggering $23 million per year contract.

And yet she remains a smart, formidable talent. She's also one of the few voices in mainstream media with the courage to take on Hollywood.

Kelly recently proved just that with a pinpoint rant against the industry. The context? The fact that celebrities have been lecturing audiences for years on everything from climate change to electoral opinions. Meanwhile, a sexual abuse epidemic ran throughout the industry with nary a peep from its woke players.

“This is the same industry that has been lecturing to us at every awards show for years about morals and values. It seems some of the moralizing should have been directed at themselves before they lectured the rest of America on how they need to be living,” she said.

Bravo and amen.

That's the kind of observation that would fit in beautifully on Fox News, an outlet which understands fully half the nation doesn't vote the way Hollywood would like. The message may also resonate with others who, while sympathetic to the industry's posturing, recoil at their collective silence.