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List: 20 Most Hipster Cities in the U.S.

As millennials take over more and more of American culture, hipsters are looking for places to move to — and the rest of us would like to know which "trendy" haunts to avoid. A new definitive ranking provides a blueprint for the kale-infested lands in the great U.S. of A.

The Hipster Index combines five data points: the number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores per 100,000 city residents. (Why they didn't include craft breweries is anyone's guess.) Combined and weighted, these stats provide a Hipster Index score out of ten for each city.

Some results will surprise you, and others very much will not. Without further ado, here are the top 20 hipster cities in America, according to MoveHub's Frederick O'Brien.

20. Grand Rapids, Michigan Score: 5.9221

Hipsters likely don't love Grand Rapids because it was the home of Gerald Ford and is the home of the DeVos family. But yes, hipsters love the city half-built by Betsy DeVos's family. That's what you'd call ironic.

19. Knoxville, Tenn. Score: 5.9856

Hipsters have mobbed the old capital of Tennessee. The lovers of all things retro, it stands to reason they'd prefer old Tennessee to the booming Country Music hub of Nashville.

18. New Orleans, La. Score: 6.1399

Jazz, empty plinths where Confederate generals used to stand, and Hipsters! The city that came roaring back from Hurricane Katrina won't be left in the past, and if the future is kale, New Orleans will be eating it on Bourbon Street.

17. Oakland, Calif. Score: 6.1724

If San Fran is twelfth, imagine how neglected Oakland feels. Tech firms are spilling out into Oakland, and real estate is booming. It stands to reason Hipsterism would keep up.

16. Richmond, Va. Score: 6.1763

Washington, D.C., is way down on the list, but Virginia's capital city is sixteenth. This is what happens when you don't include bars or breweries in the rankings...

15. Las Vegas, Nev. Score: 6.1864

Casinos are keeping up with the times...