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Liberty Island Relaunch Evokes Andrew Breitbart Axiom

When Andrew Breitbart talked about “politics being downstream from culture,” he put into smart coinage a truth that culturally attuned conservatives already fully appreciated. In order to prevail at the ballot box and thus in the direction of policy, conservatives must first win hearts and minds by participating influentially in the creative arts, most particularly in popular cultural milieus like film, television, music, and the literary arts.  If conservatives want access to artistic avenues which will help reflect and foster their values, they must be prepared to compete in the arena of ideas against a hegemonic progressive arts community that is adept at targeted demonization, thematic encoding, and narrative spin.

At Liberty Island—which just relaunched its website with a new format and new opportunities for conservative and libertarian writers—it’s all about the storytelling. It’s about providing a platform for voices and perspectives that might otherwise be shut out or ignored by “mainstream” cultural and artistic gatekeepers.

I reached out to the site’s editorial team on the occasion of the relaunch. Managing Editor David Swindle, COO and publisher David Bernstein, and CEO Adam Bellow each agreed to share perspectives on the mission and vision of Liberty Island. 

First up is Mr. Swindle, a former PJ Media Lifestyle editor.

You have said that LI is cultural, not political. Can you elaborate on that?

I was referring primarily to content for our daily web magazine. At LibertyIslandmag.com we don’t publish the kinds of polemical essays and ideological blog posts found at dozens of right-leaning political sites all over the web. We feature short stories across genres, comics, photography, satire, writing contests, book and movie reviews, cultural commentaries, and tips for aspiring writers. We welcome contributors new and old to send us their creative work at [email protected] Over the coming years we aspire to grow the site into a kind of conservative Entertainment Weekly with coverage and commentary across as much of the entertainment and cultural worlds as possible.

Please highlight two or three books published by LI that you’d like to share with PJM readers. What about the contests?

If people really want to see what Liberty Island is about, they should check out three book series that showcase just how terrific our authors are. Mike Baron’s ongoing series Bad Road Rising, Roy M. “Griff” Griffis’ The Lonesome George Chronicles, and Quin Hillyer’s Accidental Prophet trilogy. Each of these series represents a different approach to subtly but effectively presenting right-of-center ideas through narrative. Baron embraces the pulp fiction and hard-boiled detective traditions; his hero is a violent but God-fearing ex-con who rights wrongs on America’s highways. Griff has created a thrilling, original contribution to the dystopia genre, crafting a plausible scenario for America’s collapse at the hands of foreign and domestic enemies. And Hillyer writes in the Tom Wolfe tradition, precisely capturing cultural details to satirize the madness behind so much media coverage today.

We currently have a digital bundle featuring the first book from all three series for $2.99. See more about our new titles and the relaunch in the press release here.

One of our most effective – and fun – ways of attracting new writers to our growing community has been through our writing contests. We run a new one each season. Our summer contest is looking for science fiction, and our fall contest will feature a Halloween theme.