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Why Leftists Should Not Be Allowed to Have Guns

A modern, polymer (Glock), .45 caliber semiautomatic pistol in an IWB holster under a leather jacket

When they're not attempting to assassinate Republican lawmakers playing baseball or shooting their neighbors, Democrats with guns are doing equally terrifying things with the objects they claim to despise. Recently, Sean Nelson wrote a horrifying article in The Stranger about his experience getting a conceal carry permit. Nelson is strongly anti-gun and pro-gun control while appearing in print to be somewhat rational about it.

Both sides have a point.

Both cases are founded on coherent legal and moral principles.

 Neither side shows any sign of being persuaded by the other.

Ad hominem attacks on gun owners also contribute to the cacophony, drowning out valid arguments for increased gun regulation with emotional calls to ban all guns or repeal the Second Amendment altogether

In order to understand the gun rights advocates, Nelson embarked on a journey to get trained and licensed as a concealed weapon carrier.

My project was simple: Buy a handgun and carry it, loaded, on my person, for some period of time. My goal was even simpler: See how it felt. Prior to this experiment, I had never even held a handgun. The only one I ever saw up close belonged to my father, a Walther PPK; he showed it to me once when I was 18. I didn't pick it up because I was worried it might go off.

I had no illusion that learning to hold, shoot, own, care for, and carry one would make me an expert in anything, only that it would bring me one step closer to being able to participate in the gun-control debate without having to say, "I mean, I've never even held a gun before, but..."

It seems like a rational and admirable goal to try and understand your opponent by walking in his shoes and becoming knowledgable about a subject before attempting to debate it. I encourage people who are scared of guns or don't understand gun owners spending time learning and training with those gun owners. What a great idea! I will spare you the inevitable breathless description of applying for paperwork and background checks which, according to Nelson, was far too easy (even though it took thirty days to get his license after the appropriate checks were done). He noted on the copious state paperwork, importantly, that he had never been hospitalized for mental health reasons.

Nelson had a good experience with the gun professional who taught his course, which is not surprising to those of us who understand the vast demonization of gun owners that has occurred in the mainstream press. It's always a laugh when one of these anti-gun nuts meets a real gun owner and finds out we are human after all.