Kevin Sorbo Banned from East Coast Comicon Because He's 'Pals with Sean Hannity'

East Coast Comicon promoter Cliff Galbraith bragged on Facebook about turning Kevin Sorbo away from Comicon in New Jersey this year based on Sorbo's relationship with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.

The left-wing crowd began to cheer over the exclusion of someone based on political beliefs and having the "wrong" associates.

Sorbo, a well-known figure at Comicon for his role in Hercules, is now going to suffer exclusion based on nothing more than a common belief among leftists that people who believe in less government and lower taxes, and who are pro-life and pro-God, are a dangerous scourge and must be discriminated against as a matter of principle. 

"Ah, the lovely Lefties who scream for tolerance and freedom of speech," Sorbo told PJM. "Too bad it is all a one-way street for them. They need their little safe spaces because I am too scary to them. I would love to debate these socialists who hate people who work hard for a living and want Big Government to baby them through their pathetic lives."

This is the world now. No Democrat can be friends with a Republican because there are no more Republicans, only "Nazis" and "Nazi sympathizers." Democrats who want to elevate themselves in the eyes of the left-wing peanut gallery need only to publicly denounce the nearest "Nazi" (or guy who likes low taxes and small government), ban him from something and take away his rights in some way -- and they will be roundly cheered and praised.