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Incredible 'Firenado' Video: A Fire Inside a Tornado

FIRENADO. Nope, it's not the title of a very poorly produced SyFy show (sorry, Sharknado fans, but that movie was pretty terrible). Firenado is, in fact, a real thing. Seriously.

The fiery phenomenon was caught on camera in Derbyshire, England, while firefighters were battling a terrifying blaze at a plastics factory. It looks like exactly what you think it should look like: a huge tornado made of fire. Apparently it can occur when intense heat meets turbulent air. Very similar to how a regular tornado forms, but, you know, with fire instead.

You can watch this incredible twister in action in the clip below. It was captured by the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and posted to its social media accounts:

As always, people had lots to say about the incredible fire funnel spinning about.

And yes, nature probably isn't so happy...

That's what I was thinking. Just fewer teeth:

It's a first for all of us...

Pretty cool to behold, of course, but terrible when the devastation from the blaze is left behind:

The incredible site required ten fire engines when it was at its worst. Fortunately, it was reported that no one died in the fire.