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The Ignorant Parkland Kids Don't Speak for Their Dead Classmates

It’s incredibly annoying to be lectured to by high school kids because the fact of the matter is that very few of them know anything about anything. Why would they? They’re kids. Somebody else feeds them, puts a roof over their heads and pays their bills. This is nothing to be ashamed of for a teen. I was just like that; so were you and so was just about everyone else. In fact, it’s almost universal once you get past a very small subset of humanity like Alexander the Great and Annie Oakley. That lack of knowledge wouldn’t be a problem at all except when it’s combined with today’s “We’ve got to pump up their self-esteem at all costs” culture along with manipulative adults looking to use kids for their own purposes. This is how you end up with a kid like David Hogg saying something as ignorant and arrogant as this:

The Outline described Hogg as “mad as hell” and when they asked him about why he and his fellow students were the ones pushing gun control laws, he said it’s because their parents “don’t know how to use a f**king democracy.”

"It's like when your old-a** parents are like, ‘I don't know how to send an iMessage,' and you're just like, ‘Give me the f**king phone' and you take it and you're like, ‘OK, let me handle it,' and you get it done in one second," Hogg said. "Sadly, that's what we have to do with our government because our parents don't know how to use a f**king democracy, so we have to."

 Yes, all the adults are idiots, so the world needs the towering wisdom of 17-year-old David Hogg to explain how it should all work. Is David Hogg even smart enough to know that he’s a sock puppet? After all, he has no new insight on this problem. He has no great wisdom to share. Many of his own classmates don’t agree with his viewpoint. But, Hogg has adults with an agenda telling him what to say and adults in the media who put him on TV and treat him with kid gloves because they want him to parrot their beliefs about guns. He and the other Parkland kids you see on TV are put there to be human shields for gun control advocates. They tell the sock puppets what to say, but no one’s supposed to respond because they speak for those dead kids. But, do they? Really?

What exactly makes anyone think David Hogg and company represent the kids that were killed? Maybe Cindy Sheehan’s son who died in the Iraq War agreed with her and maybe he didn’t, but at least that was her son. David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and the rest of the Parkland kids you see on TV happened to be adjacent to a pile of dead bodies and then ran atop them to bathe in the attention and scream, “Look at me! Look at me!” Taking advantage of your dead classmates to get your 15 minutes of fame is disgusting and the liberal media outlets that have aided and abetted them are not any better.