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Homicidal Anaphylaxis Scene in Sony's 'Peter Rabbit' Angers Parents of Kids with Allergies

Sony's new adaptation of the classic Beatrix Potter stories about the mischievous Peter Rabbit doesn't look like it is going to pay homage to the original tone of Potter's lovable tales. Instead, mouthy, rude rabbits juke around to thumping beats using slang language while destroying private property.

The preview looks pretty grim. Peter and his friends appear to be more like inner city gang members than a family of country rabbits looking for extra carrots. If that isn't bad enough, parents of food-allergic children are on high alert after reports surfaced on Facebook of a disturbing scene that gives them nightmares.

"We saw it today and we were not prepared for what we saw," Nicole Dre wrote on Facebook. "McGregor talks about his allergy to blackberries and how it makes his throat close. Peter and the rest of the rabbits attack him by launching fruits and vegetables at him. After a good amount of vegetables, they start launching blackberries and specifically aim to get them in his mouth. They do and he goes into anaphylaxis and uses his epi-pen. Peter also talks about how allergies are made up for attention and sympathy. Absolutely disgusting."

Parents have flooded Sony's Facebook page with requests for comment, but so far Sony has refused. PJM reached out to Sony but received no response.