Happy New Year! Four Inspiring Stories of People Who Turned Their Health Around

Happy New Year! Many are making plans to lose weight and "get in shape" in just a few years. It will be a brand new year with nothing written on it, so there are opportunities for you to change your health, no matter how old you are.

Here are four true inspiring stories (plus a few videos) about people who decided in their middle age or later years that they were sick and tired of being sick and tired ... and they were finally going to do something positive about their health:

1. Ernestine Shepherd.

This lady is simply amazing! Ernestine Shepherd was born in 1936, and in 2010 the Guinness Book of World Records recognized her as the oldest female bodybuilder who was still competing! Although she is no longer competing today, she still has a lot to teach about great attitude, perseverance and hard work.

Shepherd was not always into lifting weights. One day when she was 56, she and her sister Velvet went to try on swimsuits. They did not like how they looked in the mirror when they tried on the swimsuits! So Ernestine and Velvet decided that they were going to lose the weight and tone up. And tone up they did! (Ernestine says that before the age of 56 she had never set foot in a gym.)

Sadly, Velvet passed away, but Ernestine decided to dedicate to her sister all her competition in bodybuilding contests!

Her weekly regimen includes not only weightlifting, but also running and maintaining a strict diet of about 1,700 calories a day.

2. Ida Keeling.