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Google Orders Fleet of 20,000 Driverless Jaguars

Just days after Uber’s self-driving car effort suffered a major setback, Google Alphabet announced a deal with Jaguar to buy 20,000 cars for its driverless (autonomous) service that it expects to be operational in just four years. The new Jaguar model, designed and built by Jaguar Land Rover, will be used by Google’s Waymo ride-hail service, where you call a car and it picks you up and takes you to your destination, all without a driver. The newly designed car, called the Jaguar I-Pace, will be all-electric and have a range of 230 miles, similar to the Chevy Bolt.

Production will begin in two years and Jaguar expects to build the first 20,000 cars by 2022. The initial roll-out will take place in Phoenix, where testing has begun using Chrysler Pacifica vans.

Waymo has been a leader in developing self-driving cars, and their business model includes licensing their technology to other automakers.