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Are You a Good Person? Take Our 16-Question Quiz and Find Out!

A mature woman wearing an angel costume at an adult halloween party. She is ordering a drink at the bar.

EVERYBODY thinks he’s a good person. The bully at your kid’s school would tell you, “I was trying to help him toughen up"; the Nazi death camp guard would say, “We were making a better world"; Michael Bay would tell you, “The Transformers movies should have won Oscars! They were the most underrated film series in movie history!”

So what about you? How do you know if you’re a good person?

Easy… you take this quiz.

As you do, you’ll notice I’ve steered away from political questions since there are good people of every political persuasion. I’ve also avoided religious questions not just because there are good people in many different religions (and some that aren’t religious at all), but because as a Christian I know how easy it can be to kid yourself. “Oh, I’m a Christian and I go to church; therefore I’m a good person.” Maybe... or maybe not. No race, religion, no gender and no ideology has a monopoly on goodness.

So, take this quiz, write down which letter you pick for each number and we’ll see how you score. Make sure to be honest with your answers. After all, a good person would be.