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Good News: It's a 'Coffee and Booze Are Good for You' Week

It can often be a rough roller coaster ride for lovers of the Big Three: booze, bacon, and coffee. We are either going to die tomorrow -- albeit with very happy taste buds -- or they have the potential to save humanity. It can change from week to week.

Well, two of them are having a good week and, as Death Wish Coffee tweeted earlier, it's probably "the best news ever."

From the company's site:

  A recent study has linked a daily cup of coffee and  glass of wine to playing a role in the  longevity of your life. Ongoing research has revealed similar habits in everyday behaviors of people who live to be 90 and beyond.

The 90+ study is one of the largest studies in the world of the “oldest-old” Americans. Some 1,800 others between the ages 90-99 have jumped on board with this research, contributing their blood and DNA, having their bodies imaged, and sharing details of their lifestyle.

The study says that people who drink "moderate amounts of coffee and alcohol" live longer than people who don't.

I'm off to Google "moderation" now. The rest of you can watch this little video synopsis of the study: