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Eva Longoria: I'd Help Team Trump (But He'd Get a Lecture)

Celebrities spent President Barack Obama’s two terms swearing their loyalty to the Democratic leader.


They starred in fawning videos saying they were ready to help should Obama need them. That hasn’t happened during President Donald Trump’s first two years in office, to put it mildly.

Count Eva Longoria among those scorching Trump on a multitude of fronts, including his hardline stance on illegal immigration. The fact that he beat Hillary Clinton on Election Day 2016 sent Longoria into a tizzy. She told a reporter she spent nearly two days in bed following his shocking victory.

She also dubbed herself “more American” than Trump due to her ninth generation status.

Her recent chat with Stephen Colbert, though, suggests she might be willing to put some of that anger aside. The “Desperate Housewives” alum appeared on “The Late Show” this week, and the conversation got political.


What proved genuinely shocking, though, was how the actress suggested she could, gasp, work with Team Trump if the opportunity presented itself.

The chances of that happening are probably the same as Lena Dunham cutting a video to support Trump’s 2020 campaign. Still, her wiggle room is noteworthy all the same.

"It's hard to say no to your country. You have to take up that responsibility. I actually had that fear he was going to call ... No, I was meaning like, 'Oh, my God, you know I didn't vote for him.' But then I thought about it, too, and if I was called to do some sort of good for the country, of course I would try to educate him-- specifically, on the Latino community and the issues that we face. And I think-- I think I could be of great help, yeah."

The ball’s in your court, Team Trump. Longoria is ready to work for you, assuming you’re up for some “Desperate” lecturing in the process.

The country needs both sides to come together now ... more than ever.