Edgy, Dangerous Eminem Goes after Trump on New Album: 'You Adolf Hitler'

Quick, name the easiest way to grab headlines in 2017. If you said, "bash President Trump," go to the front of the line.

So you'd expect a bomb-throwing rapper, someone who has shocked pop culture for nearly 20 years, to have something different to share that doesn't involve the former "Apprentice" star.

Nope. Not if the rapper in question's name is Eminem.

The "8 Mile" star, now 45, is out with a new rap album. "Revival" is getting some brutal reviews, alas. Meanwhile, he targets Trump anew in a track dubbed, "Like Home."

Here's a sample ... be careful not to yawn.

The swastika with your name carved in it

Should be your trademark, 'cause it's all you played off

And you just took the plate off

So I guess it pays to feed off of chaos

So basically, you Adolf Hitler

Trump is Hitler? That was edgy (and dumb) in 2015. Wanna truly be edgy? Rap about Trump's appeal or how mainstream Democrats like Hillary Clinton lost their common touch. Or perhaps why the personally popular President Barack Obama couldn't convince voters to essentially vote for his third term.

Now that would be edgy. Daring. Bold. Only Eminem wouldn't get all the fawning press he's received on his current anti-Trump publicity tour.

Here's more:

"Someone get this Aryan a sheet/ Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached..."

Things get murkier when it comes to Trump's daughter. The new album offers up a lovely image of Ivanka Trump getting trapped in the rapper's trunk. Alert NOW? Just kicking. That group rarely lifts a finger if a GOP-friendly woman is under attack of any kind.