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Book Plug Friday: Meet Christopher R. Nuttal

PJM: So, you’re one of the new independent writer/publishers, making it out there, in the new world of selling stories directly to the public. Tell us a little about yourself.

There really isn’t that much to tell (and I can’t imagine it being of much interest to people). I was born in Edinburgh, studied in Manchester (I wanted to be a librarian) and took to writing when I thought I could do better than a particularly poor book I’d been forced to read. My first novel was rejected, of course, but by then I had the writing bug. I’d also realized that writing was hard work.

PJM: Tell us how you came to publish indie? Was it a choice? Did you ever do it traditionally? Do you also traditionally publish?

It was born of frustration, I think. I was doing well, I was getting good comments … but nary a sniff of a contract. It was growing harder and harder to submit, knowing that it would be a long time before I was rejected … eventually, I uploaded Patriotic Treason to kindle and everything went on from there. A few years later, I uploaded The Empire’s Corps - my first big success - and never looked back. Quite a few rejected novels found success on kindle.

Shortly afterwards, I signed a contract with Elsewhen Press to produce a handful of books; later, I signed similar agreements with Twilight Times Books and 47 North. I guess I’m more of a hybrid author than a purely kindle author. No interest from any of the big traditional publishers, of course. Grin

Quite a few rejected novels found success on kindle.

PJM: Tell us about your latest book?

My latest, The Family Shame, follows Isabella from The Zero Blessing. It actually struck me by accident, as I was midway through The Zero Equation when I realised I could hang a whole story on Isabella, who was pretty much the bully character in The Zero Blessing and then an outright traitor in The Zero Equation. The story opens with her being sent into exile and … well, you’ll have to read it for yourself.

It’s definitely more of a character-based story than an event-based story, in my opinion. It was a challenge; I’ve only ever seen one author - Bruce Corville - take a bully-character and make him sympathetic. Perhaps it’s just the result of my schooling, but I have very little patience with the sort of excuses people make for … well, Draco Malfoy and his ilk. On the other hand, I am all too aware of the sort of pressures that can be brought to bear on such people and how poorly they can cope with it.