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Beware These Resume Typos That Might Keep from Getting an Interview — and a Job

Have you ever applied for a bunch of jobs and wondered why you weren't getting any phone calls or emails in return? Not one request for an interview? You think to yourself, "What gives?!" You know that you're qualified, so surely someone would want to follow up with you.

Well... in the event that you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you might want to take a step back and look at your resume. Is it possible that you have a typo or two that are inhibiting your job search? Twitter users had a field day recently with the #TypoYourResume hashtag. They shared their unfortunate typos that probably made HR laugh out loud, but certainly stopped them from being considered for any position.

This one might be helpful if you're applying for a bartending position, but probably not much else:

This guy might want to pick up the pace:

Then he should surely know why he's not getting a call back:

Well, no wonder they don't want you anywhere near their company:

I'm sure this would be suitable for some jobs.

No more than a stalk or two!

This could be helpful in a zoo, maybe?

You should see what I can do with some glue and scissors...

Yeah, they're keeping far away from this one...

Do you have any mortifying resume typo stories?