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Are Extraterrestrials Democrats?

What is it with Marxists and aliens?

Okay, I confess that in the hazy days of my young adolescence, I read Jacques Bergier and even – gasp – Velikovsky.  This was in line with ideas I was exploring at the time, with the novels of Clifford Simak, with the conspiracy theory of history and the ideas of deep secrets and quasi-cabalistic meanings to the past.

All of them are eminently suitable things for teens to think about.  At some time, though, we grow up and get enough facts about the history of Earth and humans, and enough understanding of the process of technological discovery and innovation that we stop believing “the aliens came from space, and they gave us all of this” stuff.  Oh, we – okay, I – might use stuff like that, shamelessly, to build the background of an alternate history/science fiction/fantasy series, but we don’t swallow the tales, or not without much chewing.

Yes, the family tree of humans does have more holes than bastards in a European royal line, as Robert A. Heinlein pointed out.  Yes, I’m highly amused whenever they find yet another anatomically modern homo sapiens bone/remain that takes back the dawn of our species another fifty thousand or hundred thousand years.

But I’m also aware of how short – relatively speaking – our existence as a species is, and the rarity of fossilized/preserved remains.  That means finding anything from us is rare indeed, and scientists will inevitably – often – conclude the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

I don’t even object to the idea that there were other civilizations before ours, civilizations possibly getting to the level of Greek or Roman or thereabouts.  Certainly, discoveries like Göbekli Tepe indicate there’s a lot we don’t know about our ancestors.

But… aliens?  Absence of evidence is also not evidence of existence.  And frankly, conspiracy theories going back hundreds of years and involving every government in the world are… shall we say --- less than believable.

Yet the idea of aliens, that aliens visited us, and that they either started or had a strong hand in guiding our civilization seems to be a beloved idea of Marxists.  In fact, part of my disenchantment with these type of books came when they started injecting what can only be termed “New Age Marxism” into their prescriptions for what needed to happen on Earth before the aliens condescended to make us part of the galactic community.  It was all about eschewing greed — aka personal interest.  They don’t use the word well — and giving up on… well, pretty much Western civilization in its entirety.  Internal combustion engines, which used to allow us to print these books and transport them where readers could buy them, were often the big villain.  Their modern-day descendants — I told you I sometimes read them to help form the background of a book — are even more so, and the ones written ten years or so ago, would go off on rants on Bush and the Iraq war.  I suspect more recent ones go on about how Trump is the prime reason the aliens never visit.