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American Olympic Athletes Disappoint Again on Tuesday

American Olympic athletes had a rough day in Pyeongchang on Tuesday, disappointing fans across the U.S. with their dismal results on multiple sports.

In the women's downhill, Lindsey Vonn, who was a favorite to take the gold, barely squeaked by with a third-place finish, earning a bronze medal. CBS:

So, no gold medal for Lindsey Vonn in the downhill. Vonn, a once-in-a-generation ski talent, added to her Olympic medal collection on Wednesday morning in South Korea after settling for the bronze. Vonn, 33, was aiming to become the oldest woman to ever win a gold in the downhill but was beat by her good friend, Italy's Sofia Goggia. Goggia crossed in 1 minutes, 39.22 seconds and in doing so became the first Italian woman to ever win gold in the event.

And in women's figure skating, all three American women faltered in their short programs.