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8 Awesome Cult Classics

Good (and bad) movies come and go, but some films garner such a fierce, loyal following that they reach cult status. People watch them over and over and over again. They host parties to watch them some more. Midnight showings at movie theaters draw incredible crowds, and oftentimes, fans "act out" the scenes in front of the screen.

Actors who happened to have been in cult movies enjoy lifetimes of stardom (to one extent or another) and can probably make a living signing autographs at events and Comic-Con ad nauseam.

Are you a huge fan of any cult classic? Here are some favorites below. Weigh in with the ones you can't get enough of!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror probably enjoys more midnight showings across America than any other film. Not only do individual fans act out the scenes before the huge crowds, but the entire audience gets involved by spraying water guns during rain scenes and throwing rice for the wedding. If you love this movie, then you can surely do the Time Warp without thinking twice.