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7 Wildly Successful Bands That Are Totally Overrated

Taste in music is an extremely subjective topic. Two people with very similar upbringings in the same decade can have drastically different feelings about the same band. And while there is no contesting which bands and solo artists have become popular over the years (because of album sales, concert tours, and media appearances), just because someone is popular doesn't mean everyone has to like them.

A recent conversation on a Sirius XM music talk show focused on hugely popular bands. The DJs invited callers to chime in on their least favorite musicians who also happen to be wildly successful. When I thought about this, I realized that this debate has even crossed the threshold of my very own home, where my husband and I disagree on music all the time.

For the fun of it, I compiled a list of musicians that are totally overrated. They are also totally successful. Let us know if you agree.

1. Rush

(By Enrico Frangi via Wikipedia)

When I first heard "Tom Sawyer," which is the only song by Rush that I can tolerate, I thought it was a woman singing. My husband, who is deeply fond of this band, schooled me quickly on lead singer Geddy Lee. He informed me how talented these musicians are — that they have all been acknowledged as "proficient players on their respective instruments." But when I listen to them, all I hear is screeching — from the vocals to the guitars. Yes, they've been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, but thanks but no thanks.

2. Metallica

(By Kreepin Deth via Wikipedia)

When I think of Metallica, a certain line from How the Grinch Stole Christmas always comes to mind: "And then all the noise. All the noise, noise, noise, NOISE!" And they just seem so angry all the time. Perhaps I just don't really understand heavy metal. Perhaps it should matter that they have won nine Grammy Awards and have been nominated 23 times. But all I hear is noise.