Seven Ways Life Was Better 40 Years Ago

Before you start calling me a crotchety old codger, I am going to follow up this article with another one listing seven things that are better now than they were all those years ago. I've been thinking for some time about how my world has changed so dramatically. I have many fond memories of the place where I grew up (Savannah, Georgia), and here is my take on how life was better (in some ways) when I was kid ... way back then.

1. Kids played outside

When was the last time you saw a bunch of kids playing outside? Maybe you have; I haven't seen that in ages. When was the last time you saw kids play a pickup game of baseball or football? I haven't seen that in years.

Some of my favorite memories are getting all the neighborhood kids together and playing two-hand touch football, or even tackle football (without any protective equipment). Yeah, that was dangerous, but man — was it fun! Nobody went to the hospital, thank God. I think moms were tougher back then because I know our moms would tell us, "Don't come inside unless you're bleeding or on fire." And nobody would go inside until the street lights came on.

I could get on my bike and ride for miles, or go exploring in the woods near the marsh (hunting for snakes and lizards and turtles, oh my!) and no one would bother us. We were completely safe. Those were the days.