7 Streaming Shows that Prove We Don't Need Network TV

When "new media," as the entertainment industry calls it, began to take hold, many people were skeptical. No one thought that anything could replace the beloved television. No one imagined that we would turn to the internet for our entertainment. It turns out, we were half right.

While lots of people do watch content on their iPads and other tablets, (and a fair number of kids watch countless hours of kids shows via YouTube on their parents' phones), many people still thoroughly enjoy sitting down in front of their television every night. But we aren't necessarily turning to the traditional sources, like network or cable TV, anymore. With the increase in popularity of such devices as Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV stick, it isn't uncommon to meet folks who are cutting the proverbial cord and strictly streaming their content. And new media has certainly stepped up.

There are dozens and dozens of shows that were created and produced strictly for streaming across different platforms. You can't find them on ABC or NBC, HBO or FX. They exist solely on the internet, and they are good.

Here's a list of a few of our favorites. Let us know which shows you enjoy streaming!

7. Orange Is the New Black — Netflix

Some of the most recent seasons of OITNB leave a bit to be desired, but the fact that this show is currently in its sixth season speaks volumes about the longevity of streamed content. This show was one of the first popular ones to take hold on Netflix, and has delivered a quirky look into the minimum-security women's prison world. It is funny, at times touching, and often absurd.