The 6 Worst Illegal Drugs

When you’re using any kind of illegal drug, you are playing Russian roulette with your health. Although, ironically, it’s the misuse of LEGAL drugs that produces the biggest body count, illegal drugs can do some horrific things to your body.

6. Flakka / Bath Salts

Flakka and bath salts are both variants of the synthetic cathinone family, but there is so much overlap and mixture between what’s sold as each that it’s fair to lump them together. Flakka/bath salts are highly addictive stimulants that produce euphoria and if too much is taken, it can produce what has been described as an aggressive, excited delirium along with bizarre zombie-like movements, extreme paranoia, freakish hallucinations, and a seeming immunity to pain. The paranoia and a dramatically reduced attention span can continue on for months, even after the person gets off the very addictive drug.

In six months, Ashley lost 50 pounds, blew through $15,000 of a settlement and sold her house for $700.

She lost feeling in her fingertips. Her hands turned raw and scaly, almost black. She was convinced her old man talked to people through the vents, that strangers lurked outside and that she was once in a high-speed chase — sirens blaring — with the law.

She stayed awake for nine straight days, rarely ate and drank even less. A stench clung to her body. In the shower, she could feel something seep out of the pores in her face. She never could get clean enough.

After all that, still, she chased it.

"You can't stop," she said. "It's like crack cocaine. But it's better." (Indy Star)