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The 6 Worst Christmas Movies of All Time

Christmas movies are great. Or, rather, as a general rule Christmas movies are great. The stop-motion classic Santa ClauseIs Comin' to Town takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the Christmases of our childhood. Irving Berlin's White Christmas envelopes us in all of the warm Christmas feels that each new Hallmark Christmas movie attempts to duplicate. However, among the great Christmas movies that we enjoy every year are sprinkled some clumps of movie coal. Some Christmas movies are downright awful, as the following list proves.

6. Saving Christmas

I was fully prepared to scorn this Kirk Cameron vehicle because I don't get too worked up about the "War on Christmas." I mean, if corporations like Target and Starbucks stop using the name of Jesus as a marketing tool, I'm all for that. Except, oddly enough, Saving Christmas isn't even really about the "War on Christmas." It's a movie that seems to encourage Christians to embrace the secular aspects of the holiday. And it does so in a very poorly written, acted, and directed way. You know what would make a great Christmas movie starring Kirk Cameron? A movie in which Kirk Cameron is barred from ever making another movie. That would be the proverbial Christmas gift that keeps on giving.