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6 Tom Petty Albums That Need to Be Released Soon

Tom Petty fans have to be especially grateful for Sirius XM’s excellent Tom Petty channel in the months following the American rock icon’s untimely death. With band members and music journalists as DJs, and with Tom Petty’s own show, "Buried Treasure," where the man himself DJs to play his favorite deep tracks from his favorite artists, it’s everything a channel like this should be.

One thing the channel illustrates is the size of the vault of unreleased tracks by Petty and the band. As big as the published Petty catalog is—and I’ll say it again, nobody has released as much good original American popular music as Petty—it appears there is just as much that has not been given the official take-it-to-the-studio-and-mix-it-to-sell treatment.

Now is the time. Here are my six must-release albums that should do well in the marketplace while still living up to Petty’s own high standards of not fleecing the fans.

1. 40th Anniversary Tour

This is a no-brainer. Petty and the Heartbreakers were still one of the best live acts in the world at the time of his death, and the tracks from the tour that are already on satellite radio are outstanding. This should be as complete as possible, even though many of the greatest hits are already on other live releases.

There are two tracks that are absolute musts for this release. First, include the last time Petty and Stevie Nix performed Stop Dragging My Heart Around together at Hyde Park in London this past summer. It also includes Tom’s introduction and reminiscences about how he met each band member.

And the last cut unquestionably has to be Petty’s very last live song, which appropriately was American Girl at the Hollywood Bowl. It was the emotional planned end of the tour. You couldn’t have planned it any better—if this had to be the end.