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5 Women Who Lied About Being Raped

“Things women do lie about: what they ate for lunch. Things women don't lie about: rape.”Lena Dunham

The sentiment expressed in the quote above by Lena Dunham has become all too typical on the Left. If that had no consequences, it would be just one more thing liberals say as we roll our eyes and go on. However, there are real men paying a terrible price for this lie. Colleges have set up guilty-until-proven-innocent kangaroo courts where men have had their lives turned upside down after being falsely convicted of raping women. The #metoo movement has featured lots of accusations aimed at men, but despite the fact that many of those accusations don’t go much beyond he said/she said, men are losing their careers and having their lives ruined based on little more than one woman’s say-so. That is despite the fact that, depending on which statistics you believe, there are an awful lot of false rape claims made,

“According to the FBI, a higher percentage of rape claims are false than any other criminal complaint, 8 percent compared to 2 percent for other crimes. More detailed studies have found much higher rates of false rape charges. A study of all rape allegations in a midwestern city over nine years found 41 percent were false and a study of more than a thousand rape allegations on Air Force bases over the course of four years concluded that 46 percent were false. In 27 percent of the cases, the accuser recanted.”  

Rape is a horrible, inexcusable thing. No one should ever be raped and anyone who does engage in rape deserves to spend a long time in prison. However, it is impossible for the public to judge the truth of a rape accusation based on one woman’s say-so because unfortunately, there are women who lie about rape, sometimes with terrible consequences for the innocent men they target. What follows are three famous cases and a couple of more recent ones, just so no can pretend that this isn’t something that happens all the time.

1. The Duke Lacrosse Case

Crystal Mangum was a stripper who was hired to perform for the Duke lacrosse team. She accused three members of the team of raping her in the bathroom. Not only did the media turn it into a major scandal and blast the names of the accused out to the whole nation, but many people on the Left, including quite a few professors at Duke, treated the players as guilty until proven innocent. In addition, the Duke lacrosse team’s season was canceled and the coach was fired for sticking up for his players. There was one problem: Crystal Mangum was lying about the whole thing. The original prosecutor, Mike Nifong, was disbarred over hiding evidence in the case. Ultimately, the case never even went to trial because the man who took it over from Nifong, Attorney General Roy Cooper (he’s the governor of North Carolina now), dismissed the case and publicly declared that the players involved were “innocent.” To top it all off, the three players falsely accused received $20 million each in a settlement with Duke while Crystal Mangum is still serving time in prison for stabbing her boyfriend to death.