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5 Bizarre Stories of Sexual Perversion from Ancient Rome That Will Blow Your Mind

As a Roman history buff, I’d heard weird sexual stories about the Romans in dribs and drabs. Those little scraps of information were enough to pique my curiosity though, so when I ran across a book called Sex Lives of the Roman Emperors, I had to read it. As you are about to see, the Romans were even more degenerate than you imagine.

1. Irrumatio

For centuries, the Romans had the best military of the ancient world. To take them on meant death, subjugation, and the rape of your women, which was commonplace in those days. What wasn’t as commonplace was another Roman practice. After being captured, an enemy soldier might experience the horror of having a dentifrangibus used on them. A dentifrangibus is another word for tooth smasher. After the teeth were smashed out of the enemy soldier’s mouth, the Roman soldiers then had sex with the toothless mouth as a way to humiliate their foes. This practice was called irrumatio and Romans didn’t consider it gay since they were the ones doing the penetrating.