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5 Affordable Spring Break Destinations for Families

With spring break rapidly approaching, college students and families alike are looking forward to a break from school, work, and unpleasant weather. While beach resorts and tropical islands are popular among the spring break crowd, they aren't the only options out there. And while Disney World and Disneyland are appealing for those traveling with younger companions, a day alone at the park can break the bank.

So what is a family in search of a fun week to do? It is time to think outside the box and visit parts of the country that you might not have previously considered. Below are a few options that prove to be far more affordable than your typical spring break destinations, and they are certain to get the conversation flowing and make for excellent photo opportunities. (The bonus is that you won't even need to get into beach body shape for most of them! Proceed with the comfort food eating while the temperature is still freezing...)

Anchorage, Alaska

(Getty Images)

Most people don't picture an Alaskan vacation for spring break, but they should. Within the next month or so, the temperatures in Anchorage will begin to rise and being outdoors in the Last Frontier will be totally bearable. Because most people opt for warmer climates, the price for visiting this location cannot be beaten. And it's breathtakingly gorgeous. You can't beat a vacation where you can go whale watching one day and see a glacier the next.